Out and About and Keeping it Real

2021 was a great year to get the Unipower GT out in front of folks at organised events. Of these, the prestigious Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court  was probably the highlight.

There are also an increasing number of  informal gatherings to go to to spread the word. They are too numerous to mention here but include the Wacky Racers Coffee Club at Wimbledon, the Brooklands Sunday meets, the Bicester Scramble – all UK.

On the Road with the Wacky Racers May 21
(photo Virgiliu Andone, @quicklizzard)

It remains a shame though that Chassis No1 is the only car in regular use on UK roads. The good news is that there are a couple of others which are roadworthy and could be run plus a few more in active restoration in the UK. Hopefully we’ll see them before long – and not in some stuffy old show.

Why? Well nothing beats actually getting the car out and taking it for a spin. As pandemic restrictions have lifted, Chassis No1 has been in action at Prescott (twice) and at other hill climbs at Shere and Kop Hill.

Kop Hill Sept 21

Prescott Esses Sept 21

It’s also been waving the (somewhat tarnished) Union Jack overseas at the International Rampartes Rally, arranged to coincide with the annual races at Angoulême, France.

On the way to Angoulême Sept 21

We’ll post other news here as and when. Meanwhile click these links to see brief movie clips of the car in action at Prescott in May and at Kop Hill (2019).

See you around at other events very soon.

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