A nice movie about the Unipower GT has been published on a new You tube channel linked to motoring site Below the Radar . In it, respected motoring journalist and photographer Richard Dredge tells the tale of the car’s inception, design, manufacture and production demise. The movie features new material shot specifically for the channel in the glorious Gloucestershire, UK countryside in September 2020 when were all still allowed out.

In other news, we’re delighted to hear about the continuing restoration of a a few cars in the UK. We’re super keen to see as many cars out there in the public eye as possible, not just the ones which have become so well known over the last few years. It will be great to be able to show some images of those ‘new’ cars actually up and running. We will publish photos as soon as they are available.

In the USA, meanwhile, one owner is preparing a car for another season of racing.  Our fingers are crossed that the motoring events being lined up will actually take place. We have been invited to participate in quite a number of them.

Finally for this update, Jeroen Booij at Maximum Mini has recently published some nice new Japanese drawings of the Unipower GT, among other cars. You’ll remember seeing on this site the Unipower GT as the cover star of a Manga comic too. Maybe we’ll dust off that image for the next update.

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