Stop Press: Unipower GT Chassis #1 will be appearing at the London Classic Car Show on the 96 Club stand (CC60) on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 February. This is located in the corner of the club stands next to the Paddocks. Tim Carpenter, its owner, will be there both days. Please come and say hallo.

This ‘placeholder’ website has been created by some owners as a living link to the Unipower marque. There were not many cars produced in the first place so there are very few of us involved with the site. We want the site to become a free to use source of knowledge about these fabulous cars. We operate an informal Register of cars for the benefit of current and potential owners. We share our knowledge but, like so much of what happened in the sixties, not all the facts remain clear. Please regard any info we provide through the Register and on this site therefore as advisory and not hard fact. We want to expand this site. We welcome your knowledge to develop the story or correct errors. Tell us about features that you want to appear. More here. You can contact us at info@unipowergt.org.uk. Please see The Car page for a brief overview of the vehicle. The Links page references some random sources of info. There is a short, open source summary of the car on Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unipower. Come back from time to time.