Well, with the cancellation of the Bicester Scramble, that looks like it for Unipower GT participation in organised events for 2020. Thanks to everyone who came to say hallo at the few events at which the cars have appeared this year, the last being the impromptu display on the Waterloo Classics stand at the recent Bicester Drive-In weekend.

It’s hoped though that there will be opportunities to get the cars out and about in informal settings before the weather closes in. There are a few in planning. Info will be posted here as they are firmed up.

Meanwhile, there’s been some discussion about how this site should develop from its current format. It would be great to hear your views. This site was originally conceived as a means to fill the gaping Unipower GT shaped hole on the interweb when we started again in 2016/7 to actively publicise the marque. At that time, the only dedicated online point of reference was owner Rui Sanhudo’s site. Other material was available on Jeroen Booji’s Maximum Mini blog (search on Unipower GT). Since then there has been much material published online (see our Links page), including lots and lots of discussion on Facebook.

So, what would you like to see here? Please contact us at and let us know. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to display topical photos of the cars which we hope you’ll find interesting.

It was a great honour for the marque for chassis #1 to be invited to the 2020 London Concours, one of the few events which did actually take place this year. You can see write ups and photography of the event on Maximum Mini, Take to the Road and Veloce Today.

Got a Unipower GT story or want to tell us about features that you want to appear here? Please contact us at

Please come back from time to time.