Classic Car Show 2017

Here are chassis #1 and #27 production cars and the Janspeed racing version of these super-rare sports cars  on stand 2-160 at the Lancaster Classic Car Show with Discovery.

The Unipower GT is a UK manufactured, two seat production special. It is an icon of 1960s car design, quality engineering and finish. Like a small race car for the road, they are fast and fun.

The cars are much sought after by enthusiasts and collectors and very rare. Just 71 were produced between 1966 and 1970 in Perivale, London, UK. About 38 of the total production survive worldwide, many in Japan. In the UK, there are only three are roadworthy examples; two pristine race cars appear on track from time to time.

Drawing on race car engineering of the period, the Unipower GT is constructed on a tubular space frame bonded to a high specification, aerodynamically slippery body, both of which were manufactured by leading Formula 1 fabricators of the era. It’s finished to a very high quality standard throughout. The car is powered by the BMC ‘A’ Series transverse engine and transmission in a mid-engine layout. Most Unipower GTs were supplied as road cars but a few were produced as racing thoroughbreds.