The Register

We hold some original factory documentation about the cars and other validated information. This includes the production records for every car manufactured which we can use to authenticate vehicles for owners, buyers and others.

We use it also to track the discovery and existence of cars. Additions are made as and when cars are rediscovered. We are presently aware of 38 cars remaining of the original 71 manufactured. Where are the others?

We welcome additions to that database. Please contact us if you have material to share. You can contact the Registrar at: .

The general aims of the register are:

1.       Record and maintain a database of surviving cars

2.       Validate origin and history of cars for existing or potential owners

3.       Help owners with technical and specification queries

4.       Provide a ‘Registrar’s opinion’ regarding car values for insurance purposes

5.       Promote the use and enjoyment of Unipower GT